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Mar 20, 2013 12:00pm PDT
defense system. he met behind closed doors with shim mon peres. they also a -- shim mon per -- shimon peres. >> in this work, the state of israel will have no greater friend than the united states. >> the president is meeting with benjamin netanyahu at his residence for dinner. the focus on israeli -- the focus is on israeli peace, the nuclear program and the civil war in syria. over the next two days, he will be making stops in the west bank and jordan. >>> the recommendations of a year-long study to improve oakland schools, we've just learned that the commission was study and the recommendations include moving up the date when teachers are hired. the report says delays often allow candidates to find jobs in other districts. the study also recommends simplifying teacher evaluations. teacher say teacher ratings are too confusing. the group advises lengthening the work day the teachers. the official work day up to seven hours is among the shortest in california. >>> conflicting reports about how many marines were killed during a military training accident on monday in nevada. yesterday
Mar 26, 2013 12:00pm PDT
tomorrow, the supreme court will be hearing the defense of marriage act. at the supreme court considers the arguments in the prop 8 case, public opinion appears to be leaning in favor of same sex marriage rights. a rhee cent poll finds that -- recent poll finds that 5 #% of americans -- 53% of americans think it should be legal for same sex couples to marry while 39% say it should not be legal. that's a big change from just one year ago, last may 51% of americans said it should not be legal for same sex can you remembers to marry -- couples to marry. we are expecting to see more rallies and vigils tomorrow by supporters of same sex marriage in san francisco at the court building. last night the advocates marched to the san francisco city hall. >> what do we want? >> equality. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> many of the participants say they have been waiting years for marriage equality and they're eager for a ruling from the supreme court. again that's not expected to happen until june. several bay area cities are showing their support for the lbgt community and same sex marriage by f
Mar 25, 2013 12:00pm PDT
is set to hear on proposition 8 and on wednesday the court will hear oral arguments on the defense of marriage act. several groups will be holding rallies leading up to tomorrow. tonight, for example, same-sex marriage supporters are holding a rally and march starting 6:30 p.m. at castro and market streets. meantime, in washington, dc people have been camped out in front of the supreme court building since thursday. they are lined up in hopes of getting one of the 250 seats set aside for the public. the justices are not expected to rule on either case until june but one law expert we spoke with says recent public opinion and polling that favors gay marriage could have weight with the justices. she also believes the justices may come to a compromise, even portions of doma may be struck down. >> i think it will be appealing for conservatives on the court because it's a question of the federal government coming in to legislate in an area that has been traditionally reserved for the states making marriage law. i think it's a very conservative argument that will appeal to more conservative
Mar 21, 2013 12:00pm PDT
red light and hit a 71 year old man. a defense attorney claims he entered the intersection before the light changed. he is due back in court court next month for a hearing. >>> the woman accused of kicking a toddler pleaded not guilty she is charged with kicking her in the chest and knocking her down, the injuries were not life-threatening and she is also charged with threatening to kill other children there. her next appearance is then. >>> they are in the hospital in serious condition after they were hit by a truck last night at the intersection there in san francisco. investigators are looking into whether heavy fog and low visibility played a roll in the accident. the couple was crossing the street in a crosswalk when they were hit. people who live in the area say that intersection is dangerous. >> i am really worried about this intersection right here because i go over here every day to get my coffee across that intersection, i am afraid everybody is trying to get through the light. i am afraid i am going to get hit right here. >> police say both pedestrians and the driver of
Mar 22, 2013 12:00pm PDT
gang. >>> in four days the supreme court will take up proposition 8 and the defense of marriage act, both part of a national debate on same sex marriage. new at noon jacqueline fell is live outside the court where people are lining up for the chance to watch the oral arguments in person. good afternoon. >> reporter: we are 4 days away from the arguments banning same sex marriage but get a load of this, people are already lining up. it is on a first come-first serve basis and at the end of the line is our friend here, he lives here now, tell me why you want to do that. >> i am here because it is a historic moment and i just wanted to be here to witness it. >> tell me why it is an important issue for you. >> well, when i was 17 about 10 years ago gavin newsom, the mayor legalized same sex marriage and started letting people get married in city hall and that is just -- it was right around the time when i came out and it has been a real important civil rights issue for a really long time so i have just cared about it for a really long time and i want to be here for that. >> tell me what
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5